Chit Malt

Chit Malt is an incredibly effective grain to use for head retention and foam stability. Think of it as a superior version of Carafoam and Carapils

Full Details from Best Malz: Chit Malt is used as a speciality among the functional malts either temporarily or continuously in the mashing process. The slightly dissolved barley malt contains a lot of high-molecular protein compared to a pilsner malt. It is therefore suitable for compensating for very highly dissolved malts and for improving foam. The malt has a particularly large number of so-called inherent starter enzymes. These improve the substance conversion in the starch and thus increase the yield. Chit Malt does not affect the color of the beer.


- Maltster: Best Malz

- Lovibond: 1-2

- Usage Rate: Up to 15%