CaraWheat (1LB)

Weyermann® CARAWHEAT® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from high-quality, German wheat. CARAWHEAT® adds creaminess, body, and color to finished beers. It is almost 100% caramelized, and contributes some phenolic wheat flavors along with mild notes of caramel, almond, and biscuit.

For a true, German-style results, use Weyermann® CARAWHEAT® in top-fermented Hefeweizen or Dunkleweizen. Or use it to enhance your favorite Red Ale or Belgian Witbier.


- Maltster:Weyermann
- Lovibond: 41.9-53.2
- Usage: Up to 15%
- Styles: Dark wheat beers, dunkels, dunkelweizens, porters, stouts, brown ales, red ales


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