Cali Common - Escarpment Labs

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Made by Guelph's own Escarpment Labs Yeast Company. This is their Cali Common Lager yeast, designed to make, well, California Commons. Cali Common beers are derived from the classic steam beers of California back in the 19th and early 20th century. The style leads to beers that are amber in colour, with a good malt backbone and firm bitterness from the hops. A good basic recipe would be 90% 2-Row, 10% Crystal Light, 20-30 IBUs from Northern Brewer hops and of course this lovely yeast. Also note, unlike other lager yeasts, this one will work up-to 18ºc.


Current Production Date: May 17, 2019

Freshest By Date: September 14, 2019

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 63-72%

Temperature Range: 14-18ºC 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

Further Details:
- 200 billion cells which will be adequate pitch rate for a standard-gravity brew
- 3 month shelf life
- Keep cold and upright