Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. Falcon - IPA Recipe

Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. Falcon

IPA - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 6.2% - IBU 55 - SRM 8

Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. Falcon pays homage to one of the greatest voice dubs in TV history, and to a great hop named after a craft beer pioneer. This is a single hop IPA with big citrus notes, that is full flavoured and has just the right amount of hoppiness.

Purchasing this recipe includes all of the below ingredients, as well as the instructions. We will mill the grains for this recipe unless told otherwise. Equipment and extras such as dextrose or DME for priming are sold separately

Recipe Instructions

Included Ingredients


Canadian 2 Row x 10lbs

Crystal Light (40L) x 1lb

Caraamber (25L) x 1lb

Carafoam x 1lb

Acidulated x 0.2lbs


0.5oz Falconer's Flight @ 60min

0.5oz Falconer's Flight @ 30min

1.0oz Falconer's Flight @ 10min

1.0oz Falconer's Flight @ 5min

1.0oz Falconer's Flight @ 0min


2oz Falconer's Flight - Dry Hop (7 days)