The Student - Extract Version

The Student

Pale Ale - 5.5 Gallons - Extract - ABV 5% - IBU 34 - SRM 9


The Student is our recipe that pays homage to the students of Guelph. Every September our city swells with students, and so we have a recipe especially designed for the student budget. Our goal was to make the cheapest possible beer that actually tasted good. The extract version is an easier way to make these beer. It requires less equipment, and the brew day is significantly shorter. 


The Students is a nice, clean easy drinking beer. Amber in colour, it features a strong malty body with a crisp hop finish. 


To make the beer more of a "Grad" Student, we recommend adding 1oz of Cascade hops in the final 5 minutes of the boil. 


Purchasing this recipe includes all of the below ingredients, as well as the instructions. We will mill the grains for this recipe unless told otherwise. Equipment and extras such as dextrose or DME for priming are sold separately


Recipe Instructions


Included Ingredients

Extract & Grains

Golden Light LME x 6.6lbs (two of the 3.3lb containers)

Crystal Medium x 1lb



0.5oz Magnum @ 60min

0.5oz of Magnum @ 20 min




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