BOHO Blonde

BOHO Blonde

Blonde Ale - 5.5 Gal - 4.9% ABV - 19 IBU - 2.3 SRM

It's a hot summer day. You're finally sitting down on your deck after a long day of yardwork and chores. There's a sheen of sweat across your forehead, you're parched. THIS is the beer you reach for. A cold, crisp, easy going blonde ale. 

Sometimes we as homebrewers forget that beers don't need to be complicated. They can be simple, yet delicious, and rich with flavour. This month's beer is a testament to this idea. It features just one kind of malt and hop. We're using our freshly arrived 2018 Tettnanger (Tettang) hops along with a premium type of Pilsner malt called Bohemian Pilsner. BOHO pils delivers a maltier, fuller bodied flavour than a standard Pilsner malt. So, if you're tired of drinking 8% double IPAs and chai latte spiced stouts, give this blonde a try - we think you'll love it. 

Recipe Instructions


Bohemian Pilsner

Acidulated Malt


Tettnanger 1.0oz @ 90 minutes

Tettnanger 0.75oz @ 30 minutes

Tettnanger 0.25oz @ 20 minutes

Tettnanger 0.25oz @ 15 minutes

Tettnanger 0.25oz @ 10 minutes

Tettnanger 0.25oz @ 5 minutes

Tettnanger 0.25oz @ 0 minutes

(Total Tettnanger: 3.0oz)



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