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Blonde Lager Kit - Crafted Series

Crafted Series beer kits are similar to ones we have sold in the past by Muntons and Coopers. In our opinion, these are of higher quality and use fresher ingredients as they are made in Canada unlike other kits. These are pre-made worts that just need the addition of water and sugar, along with the included yeast to make 23 of beer! By using these kits you can skip the 'cooking' of the wort and skip right to the fermentation step. These kits are easy to make and a great way to get started in homebrewing. 

The blonde lager kit makes an easy to drink beer. Its light and crisp with subtle hop notes. Great for a hot day on the deck, or after some rigourous sports!

What do you need to make this:

  • 1KG Dextrose (or any other fermentable sugar)
  • Fermentation Bucket
  • Siphoning Equipment
  • Bottles

Instructions are included inside the package!

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