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    Belgian Heat Recipe

    Belgian Heat

    Belgian Golden Ale – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.059 – FG 1.010 – ABV 6.4% - IBU 24 – SRM 4

    A friend of Connor’s moved to Belgium a few years back to start a new job as an Au Pair. On her second night in town she decided to go out a grab a few pints at a local establishment. Being a Canadian, she had the expectation that the local beers would naturally be in the 5% range, little did she know that Belgians do beer differently. After unknowingly consuming 6 or 7 local pints at an 8.5% ABV she was absolutely wasted. She managed to stumble home to her lodging and wake up the following morning with a dreadful hangover! Lesson learned, Belgians like their beers boozy.

    This brings us to our Beer of the Month. We wanted to make one of those infamous Belgian beers. This style is very distinct. They tend to taste reminiscent to a wheat beer, but have significantly more body and a thickness that can be attributed to the alcohol. They are malt heavy and very lightly hopped. The star of Belgian beers is the yeast. Which is why we have chosen Escarpment Labs Ardennes Ale. The result is a big, boozy beer that is deceptively smooth and easy drinking. We didn’t want to go full Belgian on it, so the ABV is a nice compromise between standard North American beers and Belgian ones. 

    Recipe Instructions

    Included Ingredients


    Pilsner x 9.5lbs

    Munich Light x 1lb

    Biscuit x 0.5lbs

    Carafoam x 0.75lbs


    2oz Saaz @ 90min

    0.5oz Saaz @30min


    Ardennes Ale - Escarpment Labs

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