Augy Bottom Boys - Porter Recipe

Augy Bottom Boys

Porter - 5.5 Gal - 6.2% ABV - 42 IBU, 37 SRM

This month’s beer is brought to you by Jeremy, he wanted to make a bayou themed beer named after his favourite Bluegrass band: The Soggy Bottom Boys. This recipe is his take on “Mississippi Mud”, a Black and Tan slow brewed beer from you guessed it, Mississippi. Black and Tans are a traditional blend of pale and dark beers that lend to some very unique beers. 

While this is a porter, the Pilsner base keeps it light. The addition of a multitude of darker malts add complexity and depth. The end result is a beer that is light enough to be drank on a hot summers day, but complex enough to be enjoyed by the campfire. Close out the rest of the summer with this delicious enigma of a brew!

Full Description & Instructions


Pilsner x 8.5lbs

Maris Otter x 1lb

Flaked Oats x 1lb

Amber x 1lb

Pale Chocolate x 1lb

Chocolate x 0.5lbs

Carafa III x 0.25lbs

Acidulated Malt x 0.3lbs


Columbus (15% AA) x 0.5oz @ 60 minutes

Columbus (15% AA) x 0.5oz @ 30 minutes