Accidental DUNK: Red Rye Ale Recipe

Accidental DUNK

Red Rye Ale - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5.0% - IBU 23 - SRM 12

This is a tale of two men. One who has been trying to make the perfect Dunkelweizen, and another who is only interested in extinct beer styles. For the last 18 months or so Jeremy has been attempting to make a Dunkelweizen that is “Beer of the Month” worthy. A Dunkelweizen for those that don’t know is a “dark” wheat beer. Its more malt forward and is distinguished by its malty sweetness. We have made a number of Dunkelweizens and all have been failures. Too acidic, too sweet, too dark, etc. It is quite simply Jeremy’s white whale.

Enter young William, our newest team member and 100% the nerdiest beer lover we have ever met. He LOVES to talk about and brew beer styles that have gone extinct. There are all sorts of beer styles he wants to expose us too, the first one is the Roggenbier. Roggenbier’s are rye beers made with at least 50% rye malt and fermented with traditional hefeweizen yeast. He did the research and came up with a recipe. Jeremy & Will brewed it together, packaged it, and then tasted it. And wouldn’t you know, this beer tastes JUST like the white whale Dunkelweizen that Jeremy has been trying to make for years. A beer with zero wheat malt ends up tasting remarkably like a dark wheat beer – go figure. The important part is that it is delicious, and both Jeremy and Will are thrilled with the result.

This beer has one of the most viscous pours we have ever seen. The rye malt adds a decadent thickness to the beer along with a spicy and smooth profile. The Red X and Special X add colour and a sweet malt profile, and the 23 IBU’s balances out the sweetness to make it nice and approachable.

Full Recipe Instructions

Included Ingredients


Rye Malt x 5lbs

Red X x 2lbs

Caramunich 3 x 0.4lbs

Special X x 0.1lbs

Carared x 0.4lbs

Yeast Lightning - 1 gram, (1/4 tsp)


Magnum 0.5oz @ 45 minutes

Saaz 1.5oz @ 10 minutes


Weizen 1 - Escarpment Labs

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