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10 Gallon Stainless Steel Advanced Brew Kettle

Made from stainless steel. This kettle holds upto 10 gallons. This is an ideal size to make up to 6 gallon all grain batches. We prefer 10 gallons over 8 gallons for making brew in a bag batches. With 10 gallons you are able to get more water in the mash and mash out, thus reducing the amount of top up water required. This leads to improved efficiency and an easier brewing day!

There are volume markers on the inside. Includes a three piece ball valve, a 2" probe thermometer, and a lid. The ports for the thermometer and ball valve are welded which gives it a more secure, leak free set up.

Teflon tape will be needed to properly assemble the valve and thermometer. 



Height: 18 1/4"

Diameter: 17 1/4"

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