How to Order Wine with KJ Urban Winery

Making wine at KJ Urban Winery is easy. We are professional winemakers who take pride in shaping every wine made on site. We have 15 varietals available to be produced on site. All are made from 100% pure juice, direct from one of our chosen vineyards in Europe.

Typically our wines take 6 weeks to produce, and can have a lifespan of over 5 years. Wines can be made in batches as small as 14 bottles, and can go up to thousands of bottles. Our typical batch size is 22L which works out to a guaranteed 28 bottles.

We use winery grade, high quality equipment to ensure that our wines last. During production here at KJ all of our wines undergo complete fermentation, cold stabilization, as well as coarse and fine filtration. We bottle the wines with a winery grade bottle filler, and use natural cork to assist in aging.

We love to make interesting variations of our wines. Often we will blend multiple varieties together.  We can also add oak (free addition) to help simulate the character of barrel aging. By default, our wines are produced to be dry. However, we can make any wine in an off dry fashion. This works really well with wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and especially our Moscato.

Our wine production prices include all of the juice, required ingredients, service charges, corks, and taxes. Our prices do not include bottles, labels or shrinkcaps.

Our 2018-19 prices for wines made on-site.

How Does It Work?

Placing an order with us is easy. Our clients come into our store anytime during our business hours. We typically discuss what kind of wine they are looking for, and then with our help we are able to craft something specific to their needs. Once the customer has decided their order, all we need is for them to add yeast to get the fermentation started and pay for their order so that we can legally transfer ownership to them. From there, we take the reigns and get to work personally crafting the wine for our client.

We take care of all production, which includes the fermentation, racking, stabilization, and filtration. This process typically takes 6 weeks. Once the wine has been coarse and fine filtered we contact the client to let them know their wine is ready and then we set up an appointment where we bottle the wine together.

Bottling appointments typically take 30 minutes and are really fun and easy. We have our clients try their wine to ensure that it meets and exceeds all that they hoped for.  At this time, we can also make some minor adjustments to the wine. Once the wine is ready, together, we go ahead, fill the bottles with our winery grade filling machine and have the bottles corked with our pneumatic corking machine. Customers can bring their own bottles in, or they can purchase bottles from us. We can cork almost any style and size of bottle here.

At this point we can make a custom label and help apply that to bottle, plus we can find a foil shrink top to perfectly match that label. Visit our Custom Wine Labels page to learn more about labelling your bottles!

That’s It!

To recap:

1. Visit us in-store and pick a wine and batch size

2. Wait 6 weeks

3. Bottle the wine with our help

Bottling, Corking and Labelling Wine at KJ

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