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Back in 1981 Kamil and Jerry opened ‘Kamil Juices’. Their philosophy was to make great wines from high quality juices imported from Europe. To this day, that philosophy has not changed one bit.

Now almost 30 years later and with a new name: KJ Urban Winery & Craft Brewing Supplies – we still continue to make wines on-site from freshly imported grape juices. Kamil and Jerry’s son, Adrian, now runs the business. Each year during the harvest he travels to France, Germany, and Italy to collect grapes, juice and package them. In 2018 we brought over 70,000L of juice back to our facility!

With this delicious fresh juice, we can make high quality wines for you in just 6 weeks. Learn how you can make wine with us at KJ!

Make Wine at KJ Urban Winery

Make Wine at KJ Urban Winery

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Frequently Asked Questions

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