Sharing recipes for brewing is something we really like to encourage. Below is a list of different beers we have made from our own recipes. We have split them up into beers made from extract and from all grain. Just click on the category and all of the recipes will be shown.

Beers made from extract will be easier to make, and require less equipment. Extract based beers are a good starting point for new home brewers. Most of these recipes can be converted from all grain to extract or vice versa as well.

Each recipe includes instructions and the required equipment to make it. We will be sure to keep updating this page monthly with new recipes as we make them. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

All Grain
Stoutstache – American Stout

Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. Falcon – Single Hop IPA

Easy Red – Red Ale

Unicorn Tears – Wheat Beer

Bake Him Away, Toys – Session IPA

The Student – CPA (Cheap Pale Ale)

Prost! – Oktoberfest Ale

Coffee’s for Closers – Coffee Stout

Yule Log Cream Ale – Cream Ale

The Narrows – Winter Ale

I’m Idaho – SMaSH Pale Ale

Belgian Heat – Golden Ale

Toh-ron-TOH – Canadian IPA

Uphill Saison – Saison

Get to da CHOPPA – Chinook Pale Ale

The People’s Lager – Lager

Kamil’s Kölsch – Kölsch

Pinecone Punch! – IPA

Jorts in July – Wheat Beer

Never Fail Pale Ale – American Pale Ale

Against the Grain – Gluten Free IPA

The Student – Extract Version