Grains For Craft Brewing in Guelph

Beer is made from 4 essential ingredients. Grains, hops, water and yeast.

These four components are crafted together to make everything from light lagers, to coffee porters. It is the amount and style of these ingredients which can change every facet of the beer that is made.

Grains for craft brewing are formed from barley. Barley is converted into fermentable grains by being malted. Malting is the process of creating enzymes that transfer proteins and starches into fermentable sugars. Different styles and lengths of the malting process will yield different results. There are many different types of malted grains but can mostly be broken down into base malts and specialty malts.

At KJ, we carry 29 different grains that can combine to make anything from a lager to a barrel aged stout. We bring in grains from the best producers in North America, featuring brands such as Weyermann, OiO, Muntons, Simpsons, Gambrinus, Crisp, and Chateau.

Base Malts
Base malts form the majority of the grains used for brewing beer. These are lighter in colour and provide the majority of the fermentable sugar needed to make beer.
Specialty Malts
Speciality malts help specialize a beer. These malts can helps with things like colour, body, aroma, and head retention. KJ Urban Winery carries a wide range of speciality malts for craft brewing.
Milling Grain
We have a custom built mill here designed to crush grain effectively and efficiently. We will mill all grains purchased by the pound for free. We can even mill full 55lb sacks of grain as well.

To learn more about grains for craft brewing contact KJ Urban Winery in Guelph. To purchase grains for your own brewing needs, visit our online shop.

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