Hops for Craft Brewing in Guelph

A beer without hops is a sweet mess. Hops provide balance to the sweetness that grains bring to a beer. Hops can have a wide variety of flavours and aromas such as notes of grass, citrus, spice, pine, floral, and earthiness.

Hops primarily come in two forms: bittering and aroma.

Bittering Hops
Bittering hops bring bitterness to a beer, they are higher in alpha acids and are boiled for the longest during brew day. Some of our more popular bittering hops include Citra, Columbus, Chinook and Nugget.
Aroma Hops
Aroma hops are added later in the boil or at fermentation to bring out the flavour and aroma of the selected hops. Aroma hops are lower in alpha acids and must be added towards the end of the boil or they will lose their character. Some of our more popular aroma hops include Cascade, Fuggle, EK Golding, Saaz and Hallertau.

To learn more about bittering and aroma hops contact KJ Urban Winery in Guelph. To purchase hops for your own craft brewing, visit our online shop.

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