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Making craft beer from all grains can be time consuming and a lot of work.

Brewers can use liquid or dry malt extracts to skip the mashing process, and move on to the boiling process. Beer made from extracts is generally quite good, but does not have the same variety and process variations that an all grain beer could have. Using extracts also means that the brewer requires less equipment than all grain.


Extracts come in two forms: Liquid and dry. For the most part, they are very similar. Dry extracts tends to be a bit more concentrated than liquid. Our dry extracts are packed in bags from 1-8 lbs. Our liquid yeast comes in 3 lb containers. Brewers can use the two types interchangeably, a common dry-liquid extract ratio is to use 80% of dry extract.

To learn more extracts for craft brewing contact KJ Urban Winery in Guelph. To purchase extracts for your own brewing, visit our online shop.

Sometimes you just want to make beer in the simplest possible fashion. We have you covered there too. We carry beer kits from Muntons and Coopers. Beer kits can be made by simply adding sugar and water, or they can be used to form a base for a beer.

Sometimes brewing a batch of beer needs a bit more than just yeast, hops, water and grain. We have you covered there. We carry dextrose, which can be used to boost gravity pre-brewing, and also is used for carbonating your beer.
We also carry adjuncts such as rice hulls and flaked oats.

We carry a wide variety of equipment needed to make beer at home. We have food grade pails for fermentation and bottling. We also carry carboys, brew kettles, mills, wort chillers, growlers, mash tuns, false bottoms, all sorts of tubing and siphons, and a bunch of other important pieces of equipment for home brewing.

To check our our brewing equipment selection visit our online shop.

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