In early 2017 we launched the ‘Beer of the Month’ program.

At the start of each month we post a new recipe with a special discount for that month. We launched this program in part, because one of the best parts about making beer (aside from drinking it) is the social aspect. Brewers love to swap recipes, discuss what well or horribly wrong in their brews. We’ve even hosted a couple of recipes made by our customers.

The program has gained in popularity and now we have lots of monthly regulars who visit our shop just for the special.

The recipes are easy to make and we offer technical support in the production of these beers. All recipes are 5.5 gallons in size. 

How To Order the Beer of the Month?

Simple! Visit us in-store or order online. Online orders can be shipped out, or be picked up at our shop. To keep all of our ingredients as fresh as possible, we do not ‘build’ the recipe beforehand, but we can have it put together and milled in under 5 minutes.

At the start of every month we will post the recipe in store, as well as on our websiteFacebookInstagram, and Twitter. We will also have a set price for the recipe that will include a discount of up to 25%!

Check out the newest beer of the month!