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It’s the 9th Annual July Wine Sale

We are proud to announce our 9th annual July Wine Sale. Starting Monday, July 23 we will be offering 20% off five of our wines made in store, and 10% off the same juices for home winemakers. This is our biggest sale of the year! There is no limit on how much can be ordered, feel free to stock up!

The juices available are:



Riesling Pinot Noir
Moscato Barbera

This sale is a great opportunity to try new batches, blend wines into unusual combinations, or even add oak. There are an amazing amount of combinations to be discovered. If in doubt, we here at KJ can always help you pick the best option. We like to experiment and try different blends all the time.

Care for a great white recommendation? We have been really enjoying a 50/50 blend of the Moscato and Riesling made slightly off-dry. This has a great balance of acidity and sweetness that works well for all times of the year (especially patio nights though). It has notes of tropical fruit, peach, lychee, and a bit of apple. We highly recommend it!

For a red, we can’t help but recommend a blend of Pinot Noir and Barbera. This is a go-to combination for a number of our customers and for good reason. It ends up being a medium bodied wine with smooth notes of plum, cherry and earth. This blend works well unoaked or oaked too. 

How to Order?

For wines being made on site, orders will need to be placed in person at our store. Alternatively, wines can be ordered over the phone, but, the buyer will need to send a representative into our store to pour yeast in satisfy the legal criteria for a ferment on premise. Wines will take 6 weeks from the date ordered, right now we’re planning to have all of the July Wine Sale wines ready for September 12.

For juices being taken home, orders can be made in person or on our online shop.

This year’s July Wine Sale runs from Monday, July 23 to Saturday, July 28.

Click here to learn more about making wine at KJ Urban Winery.

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