The 2017 Harvest Pre-Sale, Time to Pre-Order Your Batch!

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Our 2017 Crop is Almost Here!

Our 2017 juices are on their way to Ontario. They’re currently packaged sitting in a sea container somewhere in the Atlantic, and we thought this would be a good time to open up our pre-sale for the 2017 juices.

A word on the 2017 harvest in Europe

Europe suffered one of the worst harvests of the last century this year. Due to extreme weather conditions this year they lost a significant portion of their harvest. In the spring there was a severe drop in temperatures, including two days of heavy frost which culled a lot of the growing fruit. Then in mid-summer there was significant rainfall. Rainfall at this stage leads to the fruit bursting, which then begins to mold. This forced vineyards to harvest early, which meant only a small portion of fruit was ripe.

The results were pretty devastating across Europe. In France alone, they lost close to 1 BILLION litres of potential wine. To put this number in perspective, all of Canada produces approximately 140 million litres of wine per year. France alone lost the equivalent of 7 years of total Canadian wine production. Just an absolutely devastating year for European wines.

What Does this Mean for the Quality of the 2017 Harvest?

While the quantity of grapes harvested this year was low, the quality was quite good. Our white juices will have strong fruit expression, will be crisp and have good levels of sugar leading to alcohol percentages in the 12-13% range.

The reds have great colour this year, along with great varietal characteristics. Sugar levels are similar to last year, and we have a bit more acidity which means that these wines will be very ageable. We will be getting reds in the alcohol range of 12.5-14% this year.

2017 Pricing Changes

With significantly less grapes available, prices sky rocketed in Europe. We are lucky to have the partners we do in Europe who were able to help us secure our order. But, with less supply and sky high demand grape prices rose dramatically and we are going to have to raise our pricing for this year.

Starting Monday, November 20 we will be changing our pricing over to the 2017 harvest. We have decided to go with a flat price across the board for all of our wines. Going forward all 11L batches will be $83.99, 22L batches will come in at $167.99, and 66L barrels will be $469.99. For home winemakers, our juice will be $59.99/canister. All of these prices are with HST included.

Our Full 2017 Pricing for Home Winemakers and Wines Made on Site

The only silver lining from Europes bad harvest is that there is no reason why 2018 won’t be a great harvest. This years calamity was purely caused by bad weather, awful weather that hasn’t been seen in decades. In the likely event that next years harvest returns to normal, we will be able to return our pricing down to 2016 levels.

2017 Pre-Sale

To combat the abrupt price change, we would like to offer a pre-sale on all of our new juices. Starting now until November 20 we will be offering all of our 2017 juices at the 2016 pricing. We expect the have the new juices in around November 20, and should have the pre-sale wines ready for just after the holidays.

Like all promotions we run, this promotion is for both home winemakers and for wines made on site.

How to Pre-Order the 2017 Juices?

Visit us in store, or give us a call (519-824-1624), email, message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even leave a comment on this post and we can reserve your order.

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