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It’s Time for Malbec!

We’re now taking orders for our 2019 crop of Malbec.

For the last 20 years we have been bringing in fresh Malbec juice and grapes from Chile. Last year we brought in over 5000L litres! We’re still enjoying our 2018 crop and we hope you are too. If you missed out last year, well then, we’re proud to announce the return of the Malbec for this year, and we’re taking orders for it starting today.

What is Malbec?

Once a year with our partners in Chile we import a large batch of freshly harvested Malbec juice. Combining this raw, beautiful juice with our professional winemaking abilities and equipment results in an incredible wine. It tastes superb right away, but aging it takes it to the next level. We offer two versions of our Malbec. One is made from pure Malbec juice, and the other is made on fresh Malbec grape skins.

Those who order Malbec made from pure juice only will be treated to a full bodied, indigo coloured wine. It has dark jammy fruit flavours featuring notes of dark cherry, cocoa, and black pepper. It is something truly unique and absolutely worth trying.

Tip: More than any wine we produce, Malbec REALLY responds to aeration. Either decant the bottle, or pour a glass and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Malbec opens up considerably after it has had time to breathe. 

What is Different About Malbec Made on Skins?

Making Malbec on skins brings out more tannins, darker colour, and a greater intensity of flavours. Wines made in this fashion are designed to be cellared for years. I am still enjoying my rapidly diminishing stock of 2016 Malbec on skins, it has just hit its peak, especially after being open for an hour or two. It really illustrates how well the Malbec can age with time.


What is the Pricing?

The exchange rate between the USD and CAD continues to be challenging, but we were able this year to keep the pricing very similar to last year. These prices include all service charges, taxes, and corks for wines made in store.

Malbec:  $89.99/11L or $505.93/66L (bulk order price break)

Malbec with Skins: $129.99/11L or $745.93/66L (bulk order price break)

Malbec juice for home winemakers: $65.98/11L

Malbec skins for home winemakers: $99.98/11L

Home winemakers, please take note. Our Malbec juice is extremely fresh and it needs to be picked up within a couple days of us receiving it in late March. We can’t ship it either, so it has to be picked up. 

How to order?

Simple! Let us know via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, or by calling or visiting us in store. Let us know what you would like and we will pre-order it for you. We will need you to visit us in store after ordering to finalize the order. The deadline to order is Saturday, April 6! After that, it will not be available until Spring 2019.

We aim to have the Malbec in store by the beginning of April and we intend to have it ready to be bottled in early June.

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