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Super Sesh Bros - Simcoe

Super Sesh Bros - Citra

Pale Ale - 5.5 gal - 4.7% ABV - IBU 18 - SRM 2.5

Ever since our first version of Super Sesh was released in January 2019 we have been hard at work iterating on this simple, but delicious recipe. Batch after batch was attempted, enjoyed, and then improved upon. We took meticulous notes, and studied hard. Ultimately, we came up with a triumvirate of beers for the month of May. Yes, we soimply could not decide which version of Super Sesh 4.0 we liked best, so we decided to do them all. What we have here are three beers that have the same grain bill, the same yeast, and the same boiling hops. What is distinct about each of these beers is the dry hop. There beers have double the dry hops from the original Super Sesh. The extra ddry hops give the beer more aroma and flavour without adding any bitterness. 

Each of these beers, while similar in construction, taste quite different from each other. The Simcoe version (Connor's favourite) really pumps up the grapefruit aroma and flavours. It's crisp and well balanced. The Citra version packs a ... citrus punch. Lastly, the Mosaic batch has big notes of dankness, along with tropical fruit and bubble gum. It also has a slight marijuana-ey aroma to it - that's probably why its Devon's favourite!

Just like the original Super Sesh, this beer is low carb and great for all the dad bods out there. Once again, we want our brewers to utilize the Amylo 300 to allow the fermentation to finish at a nice low SG.

Recipe Instructions


2 Row x 7lbs

Flaked Rice x 1.5lbs

Carahell x 0.2lbs

Acidulated x 0.2lbs

Boiling Hops

Simcoe (13% AA) - 1oz at 10 minutes


Simcoe - 2oz at fermentation

Simcoe - 2oz 3 days into fermentation



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