Pineapple Sangria Recipe

January 04, 2017 2 min read

Pineapple Sangria Recipe

Moscato + Pineapple = Pineapple and Moscato Sangria Blend Palm Tree

We love making Sangria with our wines. We’ve made Sangria from most of our varietals, and today we are going to post one of our favourite white Sangria recipes. It’s simple and easy to do. We don’t like to overthink sangria here at KJ, it is simply just wine and fruit.


Pouring the Moscato into the Sangria

- 1.5L Off-Dry Moscato
- 400ml Orange Juice
- 1 Pineapple Cut into small chunks
- 2 VERY ripe peaches cut into small chunks
- Chilled Club Soda

Wine Selection

Our off-dry Moscato has beautiful notes of melon, honey, and pineapple. Pineapple and Peaches Are Amazing with Moscato

It is sweeter than most of our wines, but not too sweet either. It is the ideal base for a white sangria. Grab two bottles of that and pour it into a 2L or larger pitcher.

Prepare the Fruit

Chop up a pineapple and two very ripe peaches into bite size chunks. We want the sweetness from the peaches to counteract some of the acidity in the pineapple. Mix the fruit in with the Moscato.


Add Orange Juice and Chill


The orange juice adds some body to the Sangria and really helps connect all of the flavours. After you’ve added the OJ, cover the Sangria and place in the fridge for at least 3 hours. We want to give the fruit and wine time to mingle.

Pull From Fridge and Serve

Pour the sangria into a wine glass. Be sure to get some of the fruit in your glass too! Leave a bit of room at the top to add some club soda. ONLY add club soda prior to serving, don’t let it sit in the Sangria as it will just water it down and lose its bubbles. No one wants a watered down Sangria.


Thats it! Grab a seat on a patio and enjoy a glass (or two).



Click here to learn how to make the off-dry Moscato (as well as all of our other wines) at KJ Urban Winery.