The 2022 July Wine Sale

July 20, 2022 3 min read

The 2022 July Wine Sale

It's the 13th Annual July Wine Sale

We are proud to announce our 13th annual July Wine Sale. Starting on Monday, July 25 we will be offering 20% off five of our wines made in-store and 10% off  for home winemakers. 

This is our biggest sale of the year! There is no limit on how much can be ordered, feel free to stock up!

The Juices Available Are:

Whites: Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer & Riesling

Reds: Cabernet Sauvignon & Barbera

Cabernet is on Sale!!!???

That's right! This is the first time in the 13 year history of the sale that we have had Cabernet Sauvignon on sale. Typically it is almost sold out at this time of year, let alone having enough to put it on sale. 

Why is it on sale? In addition to importing thousands of 11L canisters of juice annually, we also import some of our most popular juices in large 1000L containers to sell to other wineries who make wines in very large amounts. We happened to have an extra tote this year and thought it made sense to try and get it all sold in a blaze of glory at the end of July. Once we open that container, it needs to be turned into wine in short order. We're very excited to have such an incredible juice on our sale list this year.

Our 2021 Cabernet is full bodied, with balanced notes of dark fruit, cedar, and white pepper - our most popular wine. Not only are we offering Cabernet, but we're going to make it really unique & special. We are going to age it in a combination of French and American oak - and will be adding special tannins for even further complexity. For those who don't like oaking, or want to customize their order (ie, blend it with something) let us know and we'll make it happen.

The Other Wines on Sale 

We're loving the 2021 Pinot Blanc.It is a classic summer white. Light, crisp, with good fruit character and is easy drinking. Ideal for long nights on a patio.

This years Riesling is very crisp when made dry. We recommend making it off-dry to balance out the crisp acidity with delicious notes of granny smith apple.

Our 2021 Gewurztraminer is perfumey and full of tropical fruit and lychee notes. Classic Gewurzt. As always, we love to blend it with the Riesling. 

Lastly, the Barbera is very interesting this year. It has a surprising amount of tannin which add layers of complexity to the darker plum and cherry notes. It's medium bodied but punches well above its weight. Also fantastic in a blend with Cabernet. 

All in all, there are a lot of great options this year!


Here is the pricing for our most popular sizes: 6 bottle, 14 bottle, and 28 bottle batches. We also offer bulk discounts once you hit 66L (84 bottle) per varietal, get in touch for pricing on that!

Wine Type 6 Bottle 14 Bottle (11L) 28 Bottle (22L)
Pinot Blanc $39.03 $76.00 $151.99
Riesling $38.63 $75.20 $150.40
Gewurztraminer $39.83 $77.60 $155.19
Barbera $39.03 $76.00 $151.99
Cabernet Sauvignon $41.43 $80.80 $161.60

How to Order?

As many of you now know, since 2020 we have changed our ordering procedures a bit. Wine orders can be placed in-store, on our website (with our new online ordering process), and over the phone.

We plan to have all July Wine Sale wines ready for September 14. 

Here is the entire list of juices and wines on sale. (sale goes live online Saturday July 23 at 5pm)

This year's July Wine Sale runs from Monday, July 25 to Saturday, July 30th.

Click here to learn more about making wine at KJ Urban Winery.