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The 2021 July Wine Sale

July 19, 2021 2 min read

The 2021 July Wine Sale

It's the 12th Annual July Wine Sale

We are proud to announce our 12th annual July Wine Sale. Starting on Monday, July 26 we will be offering 20% off five of our wines made in-store and 10% off most of those juices for home winemakers. AND we are making a special summer Rose blend that is 25% off!!!

This is our biggest sale of the year! There is no limit on how much can be ordered, feel free to stock up!

The Juices Available Are:

Special Summer Rose - 25% Off! - an off dry blend of Moscato and Valpolicella in a beautiful pink colour. 

Whites: Trebbiano, Moscato, Pinot Blanc

Reds: Pinot Noir & Syrah


What is the Summer Rose

A few years back we made a "long weekend" Rose that was very popular. It was sweeter and bursting with bold fruit flavours. We've decided to bring it back for this years summer sale, and we're making it 25% off!

This off dry Rose is made from Moscato and Valpolicella. It is going to have a lovely pink hue and it will have notes of tropical fruit, strawberries, and cherries. Ideal for sitting out on the patio on these warm nights. 

Because this is a special blend, we will not be allowing any modifications like oaking (which trust us, would NOT be good with this wine), or different yeast strains. Also, because this is a blend we are not able to offer it to home winemakers. 

The Other Wines on Sale

This years Pinot Noir is a classic example of this wine. It is lighter bodied, easy drinking, but has lots of complexity. Its versatile for many wine drinkers. 

For whites wines, the Pinot Blanc is a classic summer white. It is very light, crisp and easy drinking. Ideal for long nights on a patio.

One of our favourite whites we make is the Trebbiano. It has the herbal/grassiness notes of the Sauvignon Blanc, but also has rich notes of apple and pear. It's not particularly well known in Canada, but its a super delicious wine. 

All in all, there are a lot of great options this year!


Pricing is per 11L Batch of wine made on-site (for 22L just double the price), we also offer bulk discounts once you hit 66L per varietal, get in touch for pricing on that!

Summer Rose - $68.26

Pinot Blanc - $72.00

Trebbiano - $71.20

Moscato - $70.40

Syrah - $72.00

Pinot Noir - $71.20


How to Order?

As many of you now know, due to COVID we have changed our ordering procedures a bit. Wine orders can still be placed in store, AND, orders can be placed over the phone. For juices being taken home, orders can be made in person or on our online shop.

We plan to have all July Wine Sale wines ready in mid September. 

This year's July Wine Sale runs from Monday, July 26 to Saturday, July 31st.

Click here to learn more about making wine at KJ Urban Winery.