2020 Fresh Cider!

September 22, 2020 1 min read

2020 Fresh Cider!

UPDATE: March 2021

Surprise! We have just received 20 more canisters of fresh cider juice for immediate sale. Purchase your cider here. Get it while supplies last!


Want to make your own cider at home? Well we're excited to announce that we will be bringing in freshly pressed apple cider juice this fall!

Our supplier this year is from up near Thornbury, they supply cider juice for a bunch of different hard cider companies in Ontario - they make an excellent product!

The Original Gravity on this years cider will be 1.042 (10.5-11 brix), which will result in ciders of about 5.5% ABV, though you can of course adjust the starting level of sugar to suit your preferred style. 

Part of last years cider shipment. 

Be sure to check out our cider instructions

We are packaging the cider in our 11L (2.9 Gallon) plastic canisters. The cider will be available to pick up in Mid October. It is extremely fresh, and it is best if it is picked up within 14 days of its arrival here. 

Each 11L canister is $25.99 with no tax - we have a limited quantity available.

Reserve your order via our online store, or you can contact us directly to pre-order by emailphone, visiting us in-store, Facebook, or Instagram!