About KJ Urban Winery In Guelph

Adrian in Bordeaux during spring budding.

Founded in 1981,  KJ Urban Winery in Guelph is a unique urban winery that takes pride in sourcing only the finest grape juices and supplies for wine making as well as supplies for the craft brewing enthusiasts. With over 30 years of experience, our team provides you with the tools and expertise to combine the tradition of quality with the freedom to create a unique and personalized flavour profile.

By providing only the finest grape juices and the appropriate tools from around the world, KJ Urban Winery brings the community together through our cooperative winemaking program. We bring you closer to winemaking, letting your become a part of the experience and even finishing off your unique bottle with a custom and personalized label.

We have expanded our craft brewing division which allows us to provide our customers with more beer making supplies as well as instruction on how to create your own perfectly crafted beer.

Our Experience

For more than 30 years Kamil Juices has left behind an unprecedented legacy throughout the community, transforming itself now into KJ Urban Winery. KJ Urban Winery has been travelling to Europe yearly to source only the highest quality grape juices for wine making. We strive to bring quality and tradition directly to our community and our clients. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an exceptional experience through our products and services.

KJ Urban Winery in Guelph has been a proud member of the American Society for Oenology and Viticulture, Canadian Society of Oenology & Viticulture, American Wine Society, Vinifera Wine Growers Association, The Fermenters Guild and the Home Wine & Beer Trade Association (H.W.B.T.A).

Join the unparalleled unique experience that KJ Urban Winery in Guelph has to offer. Contact us to learn more about making wine at KJ Urban Winery or our craft brewing supplies.

Meet our Team!

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